Why are Tennis Bracelets called Tennis Bracelets?

Why are Tennis Bracelets called Tennis Bracelets?

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Ever heard the name “Tennis bracelet”? Ever wondered why it’s called that? Well just like some antiques and precious stones that have intriguing back stories, this bracelet has a back story to its name.

White Gold Tennis Bracelet

It dates back to the 1987 US Open tennis match when Chris Evert Lloyd was playing with her trademark double handed backhands and a particular vigorous shot caused the claps of the George Bedewi diamond bracelet she was wearing to snap. She was so taken by the loss of the bracelet that she requested a pause during the game to search for it. Ever since, any delicate and flexible bracelet or wrist-let with an in-line string of individually set diamonds is referred to as a “Tennis bracelet”.

The tennis bracelet is basically a string of diamonds or gemstones originally known as an eternity bracelet. It has a classic and timeless style to it that gives off an effortless feminine vibe. Little wonder it is popular amongst brides who mostly go for diamonds as against gemstones.


Meghan Markle Tennis Bracelet

If you have been keeping up with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex just like we have, you probably noticed the delicate diamond tennis bracelet Meghan wore to the Prince of Wales' 70th birthday garden party at Buckingham Palace just after the Royal Wedding. Absolutely Stunning right? The Meghan Markle bracelet is presumed to be a whooping £18,000 Cartier wedding gift from Harry.

Now the Royal Wedding has made us all dreamy and near future brides will probably be looking to emulate one or two things. A Wedding Tennis Bracelet can be your “something new” and it will definitely give off that perfect shine for your perfect day.

However the Tennis bracelet isn’t just for brides. It can be styled with both formal and casual dresses for different kind of occasions and still look amazing.

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Meghan Markle Style Tennis Bracelet and Earrings Set

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